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Engy’s Beauty Lounge is a luxury boutique beauty destination that offers a variety of cosmetic treatments and services such as nails, lashes, facials, skin and body sculpting treatments.The regal atmosphere and luxurious aura will make you feel like you are at an oasis in  the heart of Dubai, while being pampered in absolute comfort and luxury.

Engy Alawdan Johnson Body Sculpting Master


Engy’s is not just a beauty lounge, but an exotic elegant experience meant to take your understanding of beauty to the next level. Founder Engy Alawdan-Johnson grew up in the booming metropolis of Dubai, allowing her to explore the intricacies of beauty standards from across the world, finally bringing her plethora of knowledge and boutique beauty experience to the US. 

Engy has spent the last several years gathering recipes for facials, mixing the best shea butters and facial oils imported from Africa, conducting extensive research and development of eyelash extensions, and studying the new manicure and pedicure trends to set herself apart from any possible competition. Engy also set herself apart by leveraging years of experience helping Men and Women achieve their fitness and body goals by following her proven fitness body and contouring plan.

Engy Johnson, founder

Engy's wordmark light-45.png

Along with this, Engy’s is unique and known for mixing recipes IN-HOUSE with shea butter  imported from Ghana and oils imported from Dubai and Egypt to bring a magical once-in-a lifetime experience. These products are one-of-a-kind and only available at our lounge. With beauty standards and practices changing daily, Engy’s guarantees to bring the best beauty service and standards to our community as we set ourselves apart with our luxurious pedicure service, intricate nail art and design, expert body sculpting and skin treatments, waxing, and our rare Arabian oils and  Ghana sourced body butter. There is no beauty spa that can match our personalized experience or our customized and unique service.

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Engy's beauty lounge is an exotic beauty experience. We provide our community with a luxurious environment while still ensuring a boutique and specialized experience for every customer. 

Offering luxurious facials, skin care, body care, nails, and lashes - you'll leave Engy's feeling relaxed and refreshed!


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